Exit 7 Sealcoating Commercial Asphalt Paving in Central NJ

    Expert Commercial Asphalt Sealcoating Contractors

    The appearance of your commercial parking lot is a direct reflection of your business. Make sure you give the right impression to potential customers, clients and employees with well-maintained asphalt pavement. The professional commercial asphalt paving contractors of Exit 7 Sealcoating provide repair, repaving, resurfacing and sealcoating for buildings and lots throughout Central, NJ and Eastern Pennsylvania. As a full service asphalt repair company, we use the latest in industry-standard application techniques and go above & beyond to complete the job in accordance with your unique specifications and timeframe. Call our office in Bordentown, NJ at 609-424-3609 to discuss your commercial asphalt paving project and set up a day/time for a free estimate.

    Commercial Asphalt Sealcoat & Maintenance Services

    At Exit 7 Sealcoating, we’re dedicating to offering the highest degree of protection and quality when it comes to commercial asphalt paving, protection and maintenance services. We use only Neyra Sealer, a superior quality product that is meant to last for several years, depending on the amount of traffic in your building’s lot. We offer several maintenance and asphalt repair services including:

    Pothole Repair: Not only are potholes an eyesore, but they can cause damage to the vehicles driving in and out of your lot every day. Asphalt patching, full-depth or deep patch repair are all industry standard methods of pothole repair and will prevent further deterioration and more expensive repairs down the road.

    Crack Filling: We employ a variety of pavement crack repair methods including filling, sealing and poly patch. Our professionals will evaluate the type of crack in your asphalt and determine the best method of repair.

    Sealcoating: The high quality pavement sealer we use at Exit 7 Sealcoating penetrates the asphalt, bonding the material below the surface to provide the highest degree of protection and quality.

    Commercial Asphalt Paving Repairs Mercer County NJ

    Parking Lot Paving & Line Striping

    After we’ve repaired the cracks and potholes in your commercial lot, let us repaint the parking lot stripes. Not only is line striping meant to map our parking spots, but it also clearly indicates crosswalks, handicap spots, loading zones, fire lanes and more. Exit 7 Sealcoating can re-stripe or lay new markings in your parking lot.

    We can handle commercial asphalt paving, maintenance and repair services for lots of all sizes. From a corporate office building to a doctor’s office, grocery store, church and much more, call Exit 7 Sealcoating for professional asphalt pothole repairs, crack filling, sealcoating and line striping services. Boasting more than 15 years of professional experience, we have built a strong reputation based on integrity, honest pricing and overall professionalism. At Exit 7 Sealcoating we use a variety of products from the best brands in the industry for sealcoating asphalt and blacktop. Some of these include SealMaster®, PetroSealTM, PrepSealTM and Mastic Asphalt Crack Filler. Call 609-424-3609 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives about your commercial asphalt needs today.