Exit 7 Sealcoating Residential Driveway Asphalt Paving in NJ

    Residential Asphalt Paving Services

    Exit 7 Sealcoating offers a wide variety of asphalt repair and maintenance services for residential properties throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Residential asphalt paving solutions include new driveway paving, driveway resurfacing, extending an existing driveway and more! You can count on our experienced team to provide expert workmanship for all of your residential driveway and paving needs. From start through project completion, Exit 7 Sealcoating will plan, excavate and pave your new driveway flawlessly. Our paving contractors will leave you with a strong and durable driveway that can last up to 20 years with recommended maintenance and care. To discuss your residential asphalt paving project, call our office at 609-424-3609.

    Residential Asphalt Resurfacing

    Driveways are susceptible to every weather condition we face in the Northeast. From frigid winter temperatures to snowfall, rain, extreme heat, road salt, gasoline & more, your driveway endures a lot. After multiple years of these extreme conditions and constant use the asphalt pavement will begin to wear down, crack and even form potholes. Exit 7 Sealcoating offers affordable residential asphalt resurfacing for existing driveways. Our asphalt resurfacing solutions can restore it to like-new condition and provide a water-resistant surface that will last several years. After the paving solution is complete, we recommend sealing the driveway every two years to maintain the clean, durable, crack-free surface.

    Exit 7 Sealcoating Residential Asphalt Paving in NJ

    New Residential Driveway Paving

    Our paving contractors offer two types of new driveway paving solutions: adding onto an existing driveway or transforming a stone (or any non-asphalt material) into a smooth surface. Residential asphalt paving projects are completed in three stages: demolition, inspection and paving. Demolition is where we remove the old driveway, clear the surface & prepare it for your new driveway. Inspections are required to ensure we are compliant with the township or city. Finally, we’ll arrive for stage three to pour the asphalt and install your brand new driveway! After installation is complete the asphalt takes 48 hours to cure, during that timeframe no cars or foot traffic should take place.

    The appearance of your driveway gives guests and passersby the first overall impression of your property. Make sure it is always well-maintained, free of cracks and potholes with new driveway installation or driveway resealing services from Exit 7 Sealcoating. Our residential asphalt paving services are available throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We’re also available for sealcoating, pothole repair, asphalt repair and more for both residential and commercial properties!